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Structural Aggregate Separator - SAS SERIES

* Models
SAS-308E, SAS-318E, SAS-328E, SAS-308M, SAS-318M, SAS-328M, SAS-330M


* Effective work/ superb manufacturing capacity
The structural aggregate separator shows superb effectiveness in manufacturing aggregates needed in dam, generation plant, harbors, factories, bridges, high buildings and roads
To satisfy both economic and manufacturing feasibilities, worksite requirements are implied at SAS Series to provide the maximum capacity and the optimal working environment.
Manufacturing rate- Greater manufacturing rate compared to other company's vibration screen and trommel screen
Applicability- May be used for collection of gold dust, aggregate and sand based on user needs
Economic feasibility- high manufacturing, small investment and cheaper maintenance cost compared to large plants
Compatibility- raw rocks may be effectively processed like in crackers and crashers
Durability- does not malfunction even after long use. Less requirements of parts exchange and easy repair/maintenance processes


* Good separation function
It shows great separation functions that is able to separate even the finest construction sand.

SAS-328E and SAS-318E models are equipped with both sand manufacturing functions as well as rock separation and washing functions to allow its users to manufacture different rocks with one model.

- Processing capacity per time for each model

(above table is based on standard measurements)

Manufacturing capacity may differ based on process speed and aggregate composition within the raw material. If right devices are chosen that meets the worksite condition, it will provide the maximum effect.


* Compatibility of SAS models
SAS models are highly compatible to other company's crackers, crashers and other mine devices.
Rocks that went through crashers and crackers will be separated and washed by SAS model to produce a high quality product. (The above images are WSC-400M model and SAS-318M model)

Our WSC-400M model handles SAS model's high output to manufacture high quality sands.
- Able to handle SAS-308E's 150~200ton/hour manufacturing rate
- SAS model and WSC model shows greater capacities than other large separation and washing devices with smaller investments.


* SAS-330M
Unlike SAS-308E model, SAS-330M models are created to separate dry rocks. It may be used at high plateaus and various locations with difficult supply of water and risk of water pollution to manufacture aggregates and separate construction wastes.


* Strong diesel engine
D1146T and D1146 diesel engines are installed for effective manufacturing process and superb manufacturing capacity.
- 6 cylinder 143 horsepower
- long engine lifespan
- minimum use of fuel with optimal mixture of fuel and air (SAS-328E model - 10 liters per hour)
- environmentally friendly engine


* Water pump
8, 10 inch water pump that has been manufactured based on device features
Minimum corrosion and friction, shows great separation and washing effect with high output


DETACH's Trommel Screen is able to both wash and separate rocks at once.
It is equipped with SAS model, famous for giving the best function for manufacturing high quality aggregates and GDS model, a device for large gold dust collection.


* High durability
SAS model has been designed to suit dangerous worksite conditions and is provided with high durability based on its high-strength frame design.


Heavy machinery's interference has been minimized to maximize the working efficiency. It has been designed to work with forklift, loader and dump trucks. Devices that meet your worksite conditions may be chosen to work with this machine.
Above model is for local use only and may differ in its appearance compared to the exporting model. The exporting model is designed as a body assembly unit to be loaded onto the container.


* Trommel Screen
It is able to handle large quantities of rocks at once. It has high durability in handling large sized rocks. The size, materials and measurements of the web may be selected based on the manufacturing products' specifications.
Ex) 6mm aggregate and 25mm rocks may be manufactured by changing the settings

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